The most anticipated cloud formfiller is here — all that’s missing is you.  Create, share, and deliver reports wherever you are with Titan Reports.

As the web-based next generation of TOTAL, Titan Reports has all the important features you rely on. And with Titan Drive, all your files are always available in Titan Reports, so you can start a report in TOTAL and then pick right up where you left off from any device and without ever having to install software.

Titan Reports frees you from your desk. 

You'll be able to:

  • Share reports, files, or comps with peers in a click.
  • Fill out your forms on the web, on the desktop, or both.
  • Files are saved in the cloud — not tied to your hard drive.
  • Eliminate the need for complicated servers and networks.
  • Choose any machine, Mac or PC with any browser.
  • Get desktop strength sketching on the web.
  • All you need is the Internet

    Use your desktop PC, your wife's MacBook, the office iPad, or your Android tablet — Titan Reports works with any browser.  No complicated networks needed.

  • Start a new report

    Use common forms or your own favorite templates to start new reports.

  • Make changes from any device

    Prefill reports from the office, and then access them on-site.  Staff can make report changes that are immediately reflected on your device in the field.  You can even make changes to and resubmit a report while still in the field.

  • Familiar form-filling without
    learning new software

    There's no learning curve here — Titan Reports looks and feels just like TOTAL, without networks to set up or software to install.

  • Access forms in a snap

    Search by form name or number, and browse the filtered results for quick form retrieval.

  • In-browser sketching means no
    additional software downloads

    It's easy to adjust your sketches in Titan Reports, even while out of the office.  Create or add to a sketch directly from your browser.  The changes are then immediately saved to your report for you or your staff to access.

  • Simple photo uploads

    Keep working, even while uploading multiple photos at once. No waiting for images to upload means faster turn times for your reports.

  • Clearer maps

    See where your map will crop before adding it to your report, so you can center your subject and comps exactly where you'd like.

  • Driving Directions

    Get driving directions from the office to your subject, then to each comparable in the fastest route possible.

  • Review your report with the E&O checker

    The powerful tool you've come to love and depend on in TOTAL has made its way into Titan.  Just review your report, then double-click the warning to go directly to the source field.

  • Digital Workfile

    Just like in TOTAL, use the Workfile to keep a digital copy of all your reports PDFs, records, images, and more for paperless storage you can access anytime.

“I love the versatility of being online.  This opens up so many options for those of us on multiple platforms and on the go.  I can now upset my wife even more by working from anywhere, even the beach!  I like not having to be tethered to my desktop all the time.”

What's new in the Preview

While in development, the preview gives customers a glimpse into what we're working on.  You can log in to check out the latest additions and let us know what you think.  It's a great way to have a hand in shaping Titan Reports, and see for yourself why we think it's already better than its competition.

“It works in Safari on my Mac!  WOOHOO!  This makes it so much easier to make corrections on the fly or not have to upload a report and then download when I return to the office.”